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Waxhaw Kid Coders: Minecraft Mod Camp’s Popularity Keeps Growing

Anyone who has a child that loves Minecraft has experienced first-hand the depths of knowledge children can amass regarding game-play, strategy, and terminology. Because Minecraft is a computer game that allows players to build their own worlds, there is virtually no limit as to what can be created. Continue reading by clicking below!

All girls coding camp hopes to boost interest in computer science jobs - WSOC TV

WAXHAW, N.C. - Coding is one of the most in-demand skills for jobs right now but there are far 'fewer' women in computer science jobs than men. In this class, it's no boys allowed. This all-girls coding camp is a new idea for Waxhaw kid coders which teaches programming skills like creating animations and games with a female instructor.

Waxhaw Kid Coders Builds Enthusiasm about Programming and Technology with Hands-on Fun - Tri-W News

Parents with kids bitten by the computer programming bug may be mystified as to where to start to encourage their child’s love for technology. Ken Adelglass, a dad and career computer programmer, was faced with that very issue when his then 12 year old son, Jack, asked him to show him how to code. What Ken discovered was that there were no classes in the area geared toward kids learning code, so he knew there was a void in the marketplace where there was a need. It didn’t take long for the idea for Waxhaw Kid Coders to sprout.

9 Investigates: Companies seek computer coding knowledge - WSOC-TV

Some of the highest-paying jobs in the country are going unfilled, because not enough college graduates possess the skills to fill them. Computer programming jobs are growing two times the national average and in North Carolina there’s more than 18,000 vacant positions.

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