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Waxhaw Kid Coders was created for kids who love technology, enjoy tinkering and have a burning curiosity for figuring out how things work.  We take time to research and test the latest hands-on technology created for kids and choose only the best products with the highest educational value when we design our innovative workshops and summer camps.  Our expert instruction and engaging format complete with exciting challenges make learning the fundamentals easy.  From the minute students step into our workshops, they are provided with the tools and encouragement to start conquering the world of technology!

Today, learning to code is an important topic and more and more parents want their children to learn coding.  We believe coding  is best taught in fun environment where kids can be kids!  Coding is more than just about typing or dragging and dropping coding blocks - it is about critical thinking and problem solving and we believe that providing kids with positive experiences through fun and engaging projects and challenges will help foster these vital skills as they continue to learn and grow.

Be sure to check out our latest workshops.  We have workshops for ages 7 up through 14 - from Beginners through Advanced!  We feature video game programming for all levels in MIT's Scratch as well as Stencyl.  We also have our super popular LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 workshops for ages 10 -14 as well as LEGO® WeDo® for 7 to 9-year-olds.  The common denominator in all our workshops is coding!  We will also be adding digital electronics workshops with Arduino and Raspberry Pi for kids who want to learn how things work from the ground up.  

Students that learn the Raspberry Pi, will learn about operating systems, physical computing, command lines as well as programming in Python - another powerful real world language.     

Whether it is learning to code video games and programmable machines or learning how to code and wire digital electronics and robots, we keep our local kids on the cutting edge and provide them with the tools to become the great inventors of tomorrow!

"My 9 year old did her first robotics/coding camp this summer and had an absolute blast.  Everyday when she would get home she would rave about how much fun she had, then promptly sit down with her flash drive and go over all the work she had done. In this day and age when all sorts of companies are competing for our money and time this is one where it is well spent."

- C Houser

"We have really enjoyed Waxhaw Coders. Ken loves what he is doing and it shows. The projects he comes up with are fun and capture the kids' attention. The atmosphere is one of having fun even though they are learning while doing it. We highly recommend Waxhaw Kid Coders. Can't wait to see what we will do next here! Thank you, Ken, for all that you do."

- Julie A


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Waxhaw Kid Coders was created for kids and teens who love technology, enjoy tinkering, and have a burning curiosity for figuring out how things work! Call today to find out how to get your kid plugged into our classes and workshops!

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