Summer Camp 2019 Workshops Overview

Waxhaw Kid Coders in Waxhaw, NC

Beginners Roblox Development and Robots (ages 9 - 13)

Go from playing games in Roblox to creating and sharing your own 3D games in Roblox!

In this camp, aspiring video game developers will have the opportunity to learn how to create, publish and share their own 3D Roblox games on the super popular Roblox platform!  Using the intuitive Code Kingdoms development environment along with our expert guidance and instruction, campers will be amazed how quickly they can get up to speed coding their own awesome 3D games in Roblox. 

This camp is a perfect way for kids who love Roblox to learn to code  - and now getting started is easier than ever! 

100% Beginner Friendly!

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Beginning Minecraft Mods (For ages 8 - 13)

LEVEL: Beginner (Some coding experience helpful but not required) 

Waxhaw Kid Coders has teamed up with to bring kids ages 8 - 13 the ultimate Minecraft moding experience!  Kids looking to take their Minecraft skills to the next level will love this camp as they learn to code their own games within Minecraft on their own server and invite their friends in for some fun and exciting challenges!  With our fast laptops and high-speed internet, this highly engaging camp – now in its 3rd summer camp season - has become a favorite with our campers!  It is must for all Minecrafters! 

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Ultimate Coding and Robotics (For ages 7 - 9)

The Ultimate Coding Camp For Kids Who Love To Code and Love LEGOS®!

Our super popular hands-on camp for ages 7 - 9 is back this summer with new projects and mind-blowing new technologies! Scratch 3.0 is an amazing program that teaches kids how to code while LEGO® WeDo® 2.0 takes building with LEGO® to a whole new level with wireless programmable motors and sensors that bring LEGO® projects to life!  When you combine Scratch 3 with LEGO® WeDo® 2.0 you get one amazing interactive learning experience that will absolutely amaze your child this summer. This summer we will be upgrading to LEGO® WeDo® 2.0 and the new Scratch 3.0 for even more amazing creations!!

If your child has taken our Saturday morning Scratch and WeDo® workshops before or if this is their first time as total beginners, they are in for an amazing time this summer!  With our expert guidance and instruction, your child will be able to flex their creative powers and explore coding and  LEGO® educational technology like never before!  Kids will build mechanical animals, smart vehicles and more plus will get to create all new video games with Scratch 3.0...and that is only the beginning!

100% Beginner Friendly! 

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Beginners REAL WORLD Dynamic Web Application Development (Ages 11- teen)

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes when you search for something on  Google? 


What  happens when you click the PLACE ORDER button on 


Transfer money in your online bank account?   

This workshop answers all these questions and more as we not only learn handson about the three core languages of the internet (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) but break down step-by-step how data gets passed through forms on a web page to a web server and how the web server communicates with various data sources to get information to where it needs to go.  By the end of this camp, your child will have built a complete data-driven web application from the front-end to the backend and will have a great head start into the world of Information Technology.

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Beginners LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 Robotics and Scratch 3.0 Game Development! (For ages 10 - 14)

Beginners LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 Robotics and Scratch 3.0 Game Development! (For ages 10 - 14)

If your son or daughter wants to learn hands-on about Robotics and Coding in a fun and friendly environment then look no further than our most popular beginner friendly camp!   With our expert instruction, students will build a LEGO® MINDSTORMS®  EV3 robot that they will code to interact with its environment. Students will learn about sensors, motors and more as they complete fun and exciting challenges!  They will also create animated video games and interactive stories in MIT's new Scratch 3.0 - one the most fun and engaging ways to learn how to code! 

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New for 2019! BEYOND THE BASICS: LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 and SCRATCH 3 (Ages 10 - 14)

LEVEL: Intermediate (Beginners LEGO EV3 and Scratch Coding experience recommended)

For kids that have taken our Beginners LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and Scratch 3 camps either this summer or in past summers or for students who have taken our LEGO Mindstorms and Scratch workshops during the school year, this camp is the place to take your skills to the next level and explore both LEGO Mindstorms.  Kids will have the opportunity to build from our huge assortment of robot builds – from walking robots to self-balancing robots to steering mechanisms and more. This is a fun workshop for those who love to build with LEGO!  To keep things varied we will also introduce kids in this camp to more coding techniques in Scratch!  

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Create and Edit Your Own Videos (Ages 11teen)


A New Camp for your aspiring YouTuber or Movie Director!

This summer we are excited to have Julie Van Olden join us for two amazing film camps this summer.  Julie currently teaches film classes at Marvin Ridge High School and has also taught at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

In this camp students will explore how to storyboard a basic scene, direct for filming, explore various shot types, and compete a basic edit using their original footage.  At the end of this camp, parents are welcome come view the short videos that the kids created! 

No previous experience needed.  This camp requires either a smartphone or a handheld camera. 

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Lip Sync, Green Screen and Stop Motion Video Camp for (Ages 11- teen)

Film 2 - Requires having taken Film1 

In this follow-up to the FILM 1 workshop, students will continue applying various shot types and more advanced editing techniques to create a lip sync video using original footage.  They will also create a stop motion project while incorporating advanced video and audio editing techniques.  They will also learn lighting and editing techniques with a green screen. 

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Raspberry Pi, Python, Digital Electronics and Robotics (Ages 11- teen)

LEVEL BEGINNERS: Some experience with coding using Scratch or similar experience recommended

With the Raspberry Pi computer becoming a favorite computer hobbyists all over the world and Python being one of the most popular programming languages used for machine learning and artificial intelligence, we thought we would create a class that teaches the student the Python language from the ground up on our Raspberry Pi computers.


In this camp we will code our first Python programs and move on to learning about digital electronics and robotics as we explore, lights, sensor, motors and more!  This hands-on camp is perfect for those new to coding and robotics as well as our students who have taken our other robotics workshops and camps and 

want to further expand their knowledge with a new coding language and new computer platform! 

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Level: Beginner (girls new to coding or with some coding experience)

This camp features fun and engaging projects designed by women to inspire young girls to learn how to create with technology.  Through hands-on interactive projects that utilize electronics, blockbased coding and everyday household and craft materials, girls will learn valuable coding skills and learn about wearables, electronic games, e-textiles, electronics circuits, digital music, animation and much more!

As the girls make each project they will develop important creative and computational thinking skills to enable them to imagine, design and create their own projects.  On the last day of camp, we invite parents to come and explore some of their amazing creation that they made during the week!

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ALL NEW! 3D Printing, Tinkercad and Digital Electronics (Ages 10 -teen)

The perfect camp for creative kids and future inventors!

Beginner Level!

After a few years of research we are excited to add a Beginners Summer Camp that teaches kids all about 3D design and printing using  TinkerCAD - a free computer aided design (CAD) program.  In this camp we will learn how to design our own 3D printed creations in Tinkercad and learn how to 3D print our designs on our new 3D printers!   

In addition to 3D printing and design, we will also learn how to program  digital electronics with lights, sounds, and sensors in the C programming language using our electronics kits!


The goal of this camp is to provide the tools, knowledge and resources to open the door to creativity in your child that can lead to very exciting inventions and possibilities!   

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