Create and Edit Your Own Videos (Ages 11teen)

Film 1 - Create and Edit Your Own Videos (Ages 11-teen)




A New Camp for your aspiring YouTuber or Movie Director!

This summer we are excited to have Julie Van Olden join us for two amazing film camps this summer.  Julie currently teaches film classes at Marvin Ridge High School and has also taught at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. 


In this camp students will explore how to storyboard a basic scene, direct for filming, explore various shot types, and compete a basic edit using their original footage.  At the end of this camp, parents are welcome come view the short videos that the kids created! 


No previous experience needed.  This camp requires either a smartphone or a handheld camera. 

Dates & Times

Week 2: June 17th -June 21st 1:30pm – 4:30pm  


216 West North Main Street, Waxhaw, North Carolina 28173, United States


Camp Price: $239 through midnight March 31st

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