2019 Winter/Spring Workshop Overview

Coding & Robotics Ages 7-9 (Weekend)

All New Scratch 3.0 Game Development and Introduction to Robotics with LEGO WeDo 2.0 and The Micro:Bit


This workshop is great for both beginners as well as kids who have experienced Scratch and LEGO® WeDo® in our camps and workshops.  We have so much new material for 2019 that your child can attend ALL of our Scratch / WeDo workshops and camps and always have a new and exciting experience!

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Introduction to Coding & Robotics, Ages 7-9 (Homeschool)

8 Week Home School Introduction to Coding and Robotics With Scratch 3.0, Codey Rocky and the Micro:Bit for ages 7 - 9 meeting Monday mornings.

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Introduction to Digital Electronics, Ages 9-13 (Homeschool)

12 Week Home School Introduction to Digital Electronics using Scratch 3.0, C, and Python for ages 9 - 13 meeting Tuesday mornings in Waxhaw!

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More Internet Technologies, Ages 12-Teen (Homeschool)

12 Week Home School More Internet Technologies Plus Mobile Apps for ages 12 - Teen meeting Friday mornings.

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