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New Drop-In Academy


Today, learning to code is an important topic and more and more parents want their children to learn coding! Our ALL NEW Drop-In Coding Academy offer flexible scheduling and a customized learning plan for Beginners through Advanced!

Upcoming Events


Be sure to check out Events page for fun events such as our epic Minecraft Nights and Roblox Nights. Be on the lookout for ALL NEW Sunday afternoon coding events.  Visit our new events page - there is always something going on at Waxhaw Kid Coders.

Birthday Parties


Need a venue for your child's birthday party?  Check out our parties for up to 15 kids!  Choose different themes - Minecraft, Roblox, or Robots!  Call us today at 704-243-8801 for complete details!

Blog & News


Get plugged into Waxhaw Kid Coders today and keep up to date with technology, news and events with our blog and newsletter!

About Us


Read the story about how Waxhaw Kid Coders came to be and meet our amazing team of tech gurus! Join the family today and start coding with us!

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Waxhaw Kid Coders was created for kids and teens who love technology, enjoy tinkering, and have a burning curiosity for figuring out how things work! Call today to find out how to get your kid plugged into our new drop-in academy today!

Waxhaw Kid Coders

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